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It took us three generations, five plants and 50 years to make the best potatoes and onions for your table._DSC0709.jpg Our story began when brothers Louis, Francis and Greg Wysocki partnered with their father on his small dairy farm and converted the operation to a potato farm.  At that moment in the late 1950s, Wysocki Farms was born.Over the years, the farm began to expand the Central Wisconsin operation started taking shipments of potatoes to market in Chicago, and the brothers learned new and innovative ways to store and pack potatoes.

Thirty years and a few partnerships with other local farmers like Nick Somers of Plover River Farms and Jeff Sommers later, Wysocki Farms grew into the premier potato and onion producer we know today.

Now, the second and third generations of the Wysocki and Sommers families are following in the footsteps of their fathers.  The operations have expanded to include growing regions throughout the country, and a few more farm families have been thrown into the mix, but the core principles that began 50 years ago still drive the company: grow quality produce for our family and yours.

Wysocki Family of Companies (WFC) is a vertically integrated, Midwest-based farm specializing in potatoes and onions. WFC is comprised of RPE, Inc.; Wysocki Produce Farm; and Paragon Potato Farms, Inc. Wysocki Family of Companies is also a partner in Central Sands Dairy and Tasteful Selections, LLC.

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